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Jacksons Story
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He is the most talked about person in the music industry, The 'King of pop', Michael Jackson. This is not a title that he gave himself. It was given to him by his millions of fans around the world and by his peers, among whom he has no equal.
No other performer in history has generated the massive sales that he has. His 'Thriller' album is with over 50 million sales worlds best selling album in history. His 'Bad' album takes the 2nd place, and the single 'We are the world', a project to raise money for Africa in which he was involved, became the biggest single of all time. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, no other performer in history has received as many awards and accolades as Jackson has. The video for 'Billie Jean' was the first video from a black artist that was broadcasted by MTV. Jackson's '88 world tour is concidered the largest tour ever.

Knowing these facts, it would be wrong to say Michael Jackson is eccentric only because of the way he looks, the way he acts, because of what the press says of him, while he is much more eccentric in the things he has accomplished as an artist. What makes Jackson even more unique may be the fact that all of his accomplishments have not altered his sensitivity and concern for the welfare of others, especially children. No other artist has donated the amount of money to charity, spend so much time healing the world. Though Jacksons 'Heal the World Foundation', he works to preserve this planet's most precious recources - children, and their environment.  Jacksons appearance may be a little weard and bizarre, but isn't that naturaly for somebody who has experienced no childhood, for somebody who was attacked by the press since the age of six?
This website is made by a great admirer of the artist and his art. All the way from his wonderfull music to his groundbreaking videos, from his talent as a singer and dancer to his skills as a songwriter and producer, from the famous grab in the crotch to the legendary moonwalk. Everybody who is willing to give Michael Jackson the benefit of the doubt is more than welcome to enter. Because maybe Jacko isn't that 'Wacko' after all...
K. Janssen



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