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Jacksons Story
1990 - 2000


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Januari 27, 1990   American Cinema Awards
Jackson recieved an award for being 'Entertainer of the Decade' at the 7th   Annual American Cinema Awards, held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The jury picked Jackson out for the outstanding results of his 'Thriller'- and  'Bad' album.


Januari 26, 1991   'Do The Bartman' released
The single of the song 'Do The Bartman' was released. On the cover was stated that Bryan Loren wrote and composed the song, but it was actually Michael Jackson who composed it. Some sources even said that Jacksons voice was on the song.

March 20, 1991   Jackson signed biggest contract in music industry
Jackson and Sony Software signed a contract for the biggest transaction in the history of the music industry. Jackson should release 6 albums and movies within 15 years. Signing this contract made Jackson the best paid entertainer in the music industry.


November 8, 1991   'Black or White' released
'Black or White', the first single of Jacksons new album 'Dangerous' was released. The song was originally written for Jacksons 1987 'Bad' album. In 1989, when Jackson started to work on 'Dangerous' he asked Bill Bottrell to edit the song.


Macauly Culkin, the little boy known from the movie 'Home Alone', appeared in the video for 'Black or White'. The video was directed by John Landis. Landis also directed Jacksons phenomenal 1982 'Thriller' video. Several TV stations recieved complainings about the last 4 minutesof the 'Black or White' video. Parents where concerned about their children watching the agressive and sexual flavoured dancemoves in this part of the video. For this reason the so called panter-scene was cut off for broadcasting, and is only to watch on the videotape 'Dangerous: The Short Films'.   click on the picture to see pictures from the panter-scene


November 21, 1991   'Dangerous' released
Jacksons next solo album 'Dangerous' was released. 'Dangerous' became the fastest selling album of all time. Jackson himself will break this record in 2001 with his 'Invincible' album. The cover of 'Dangerous' was disigned by Mark Ryden and is probably the most expensive cd cover in the world. There are over 23 million copies of the album sold up to date.


June 27, 1992   Kick off Dangerous world tour
Jacksons 'Dangerous' world tour started in the Olympic Staduim in Munchen, Germany.  A part of the money Jackson earned with this tour went to his Heal The World Foundation. Through this foundation, Jackson works to preserve children and their environment. In october, Jackson had to cancel the last concerts of the European part of the tour due to health complainings. The American TV station HBO broadcasted  Jacksons concert in Bucharest. This broadcasting recieved the highest ratings for HBO ever.   click on the picture to see more pictures

1995   'History' released.

Jacksons long awaited double-disc got in the stores. It was designed to reconfirm his status as the undisputed King Of Pop. The first disc is a greatest hits package compiled from Jackons four Epic releases. There are no real surprises on the first disc, everybody knows the songs. All of these tracks stood the test of time and delivered the goods successfully.

Disc two is an entirely different trip altogether. Moving into disc two, you start to feel like you're being hit over the head with a Michael propaganda hammer. The songs are very topical, and all have very heavy messages. The second disc is leaving no room for doubt that Michael is a persecuted and victimized human being. The production of the album is super state-of-the-art. Up to date, there are over 15 million copies sold.